Twilight Boxers

AKC Boxer Breeder in the Flathead Valley of Northwestern Montana.
Breeding health tested boxers with excellent temperaments to excel as performance dogs and family companions.

      Breeding for High Quality, Health Tested, Performance Boxers


September 2021  - We are unsure IF/WHEN we will be having another litter in the near future. We recommend using GoodDog to find other responsible breeders.  

April 2020 - All puppies from our "C" litter have found their new homes. 

February 2020 - Lizzie's litter is here! See Our Boxer Puppies page for more information. 

September 2019 - Lizzie earns her first qualifying leg towards her Rally Advanced Title! 

May 2018 - Lizzie goes Best of Breed at the AKC Show in Missoula for her first points! She also earned her AKC Rally Novice (RN) Title! 

Fall 2017 - Our new location is in the Flathead Valley of Northwestern Montana. We do not have any additional litters planned in Alaska. Please visit the Alaska's Boxer Club for referrals to responsible breeders in the state with upcoming litters. 


About Us  

  "I was blessed to connect with my first boxer   in the fall of 2009 from a reputable breeder in   Utah. "Bella" shaped my life, she was a   constant companion and a wonderful friend.   After spending almost 10 wonderful years with   my "Boxy Girl", I can not imagine my life   without a boxer in it." - Aurora 

  Twilight Boxer's was established by Aurora in   2012 in preparation for breeding her first   litter. This was decided only after Bella had   earned multiple AKC titles and had passed all   of her health testing in accordance with the   American Boxer Club's recommendations. 

  Aurora went on to earn her Master's Degree in Reproductive Physiology and her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. After meeting her husband Travis (who grew up with a boxer!), they settled down on a small acreage in northwestern Montana. Aurora is a Veterinarian at Ashley Creek Animal Clinic in Kalispell Montana. Their dogs are family members - they live in the house and go everywhere with them (camping, kayaking, fishing, road trips, hikes etc). 

With a life and career dedicated to veterinary medicine, the health of our dogs and puppies we produce is of utmost importance. At Twilight Boxers we only support breeding dogs that will have the highest quality of both:

Health and Temperament!

It is our goal to breed high quality, healthy boxers with steady temperaments who can be loving family companions and who will also excel in the performance and conformation rings.


Lizzie in her first boxer specialty show in 2017. 

Bella zooming through an AKC agility trial. 



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